august 2020
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Jon Blamire is Coming (translation)!


Two organists about to collaborate on music in Lødingen – Christopher Briggs (right) and Jon Blamire.

Jon Blamire applied for my old position in Lenvik when he was working in South Carolina USA! Nevertheless, like me he comes originally from England. I thought it was a big thing moving to another country once. Jon did this twice!

It turned out we had a lot in common. Both of us were taught by Professor George Pratt when we were students. Both Jon and I dislike the Comic Sans font. We are also avid bloggers (indeed I owe a huge thank you to Jon for my blogs, that they developed into the twin blog system you see today. When I left the position he now has, I had determined that I would concentrate on Norwegian. Then Jon pops up with an incredibly good English blog, and CQD suddenly had some stiff competition – and consequently my English blog was saved).

We have had regular contact with each other. Last year I visited him on Senja, and this was the picture we took when eating a meal at Senja Stua. Now we are collaborating on two music evenings. Neither he nor I are getting any remuneration for this – apart for our travelling costs. Our intention is that our parishes can take a collect towards whatever they themselves wish to prioritize. Here in Lødingen we shall put the money into the fund for church music. Should it not be necessary to have maintenance on our organs this year, the church council will be able to use the money when they have to buy the new hymn book.

Jon has already had huge success in Finnsnes with being in the Calm. The concept is described on Lenvik Parish’s web page as an invitation and opening to experience God’s peace through music and song, together with pleasing pictures and words. In other words this is more than a concert. We shall try to do the same in Lødingen on Saturday 17th August. Jon and I shall then collaborate on a fantastic music evening. We shall also employ visual aids, so this will also be more than a concert!

We hope you will find your way to the church if you are in Lødingen that evening. The evening of music begins at 6pm. Admission is free, but we shall as already said be taking up a collect towards our parish’s music. Later on I shall be going back to Finnsnes. When that happens we shall collaborate on the second music evening. The date for that has yet to be decided.

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