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The Very Tie On Christmas Eve (Translation)

or… the last of the Jedi


After an explosion of hits on the English blog, most Adwick related, I celebrate with the very school tie!

These last weeks have been special. My [old] school entered its final days, and last Thursday it was the end.

This is something I have written about here previously, but I have written a good deal more on the English sister blog Yorkshire VikingIt has transpired that my school’s closure comes exactly thirty three years since I was starting as a new pupil there.

In the year that is now coming, that old school will be levelled to the ground. Today’s pupils have now moved out of it, and will now go to the newly built school beside it. Nevertheless it is important to point out that the old school they moved out of was not the one I went to. My school was sadly closed down, and the school that has been using its buildings is strictly speaking a completely different school.

Consequently there wasn’t anything left of Adwick School – my own school – even though its buildings remained. Our uniform was discontinued a long time ago (mind you it is worth pointing out that today’s successor school, which calls itself Outwood Academy Adwick, has reintroduced [a classical form of] school uniform).

Adwick School, the senior school I went to has been gone since 2002. It was closed because the authorities had to place it under special measures, and I suppose found in the end that it was better to start the school afresh – with a new name. This is actually the second name that the school has had since then…. but that is a different matter.

Note. It should perhaps be added that this article speaks only of the historical situation. That is clear from the Norwegian text, but perhaps not so from this translation. As far as I am aware, today’s Outwood Academy Adwick is not in any such situation. On the contrary, its results appear to be improving.

The point I am making is that the older Adwick School seemed to have a bad reputation when it ceased to exist. Earlier this year there was a reunion of pupils organised on Facebook, and I was a bit disturbed over the contempt that some expressed for the place. I am aware that things had clearly changed a whole lot since the days that I had been a pupil there!

Adwick School had then been regarded among the very best of schools. This fact is something that those who live in that area today seem  – from their comments –  unaware of. I think this may go some way to explaining the spitefulness of what I read on the Internet when they were organising the reunion. Moreover I had never expected any interest in my blog, precisely because I have been trying to write about those better times, and to describe my school in a more positive light.

Yesterday the hits on my (English) blog exploded! In one day there were 106 in all, and the vast majority of these were for the posts I have written about Adwick School. You can say what you like, but this surely demonstrates that not everybody wants just to forget all about that place because it was so terrible?

Today [original written Christmas Eve] our churches were filled to bursting point as usual. Usually my school tie is a souvenir kept firmly in my draw, but for once I celebrated the blog hits by putting it on again! It is after all only a normal tie today, though an extremely small one compared to my regular ties. The school it belongs to no longer exists.

Now I know what it must have felt like to be the last of the Jedi Knights…

Merry Christmas


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